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Benelux Event Awards, 2006
Noves Group won the Benelux Event Award in 2006 for the best event organized abroad, in Cannes - France : the 25 years of Cineart, the fabulous independant company for belgian and international movies.

Benelux Event Awards, 2009
Noves Group was nominated for the Benelux Event Awards in 2009 for the organization of the 15th anniversary of the reign of Albert II, King of Belgium.
In collaboration with SPF the Chancellery of the Prime Minister Belgium.

Benelux Event Awards, 2012 has provided general and technical supports for two bronze award winning events this year : 24 Seven for his Niko Home Control Roadshow in France. And Jada Events for his event at 21th July, Royale Street, in Brussels, where we participated for the SPF Foreign Affairs.