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Since 2000, has been providing support for events and productions of concerts, festivals, business events, institutional events, international congresses and exhibitions nom for more than 15 years. has all the credentials therefore to be your experienced partner to ensure your event runs as smooth as a clockwork. has built up considerable expertise in the following domains and is happy to handle these for you :

- Listening to your event wishes
- Drawing up a site and technical plan in dwg
- Budgeting your event
- Planning the logistic elements
- Planning the crew / the staff
- Technical advice: light, sound,video, stages, tents, floorcovering, etc.
- General coordination and production of your events has also more than 15 years' experience in working out productions and providing security advice for events from 100 to 120 000 people. We are responsible among others for :

- Designing the compartmentalisation for the public
- Positioning of crash barriers, extra emergency exits.
- Signalisation of emergency exits
- Positioning of first aid stations
- Making agreements on police assistance and firemen forces
- Safety corridors for emergency services
- Design of entry systems for mass public shows
- Defining and positioning of security and stewarding operative
- Security meetings with the emergency services before the event
- Naming the safety co-ordinator/prevention advisor
- Drawing up a safety plan, and so on... has the habit to work with a global network of professional partners in Belgium or abroad. Always to reach the target that was given to us.

At last, we try to optimize the productions of all our events to achieve environmental goals.

Quality, credibility, liability and transparency are our daily leitmotives.

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